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Roulette - Rules

  • Up to 8 players can participate in a Roulette game at a time.
  • Players can bet on any color, number, or combination of numbers and colors and they can be placed until the ball is dropped into the Roulette wheel.

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Roulette – How to play

Playing Roulette involves no more than 3 simple steps:
  1. Making your bet by clicking on the amount you want and dragging it to desired place on board.
  2. Pressing “spin” to start the game.

Scratch Cards

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  1. Scratch and win when you match up the right symbols! Enjoy Roulette and Blackjack themed scratch cards, the Christmas style Santa Scratch scratch card, cupid themed Love Match, glamorous Classic Slots scratch card, Ancient Egypt themed Pharaoh's Kingdom, Beetle Bingo for Bingo fans, and last but not least, jackpot lovers can win $10,000 with Winners Club scratch card.

Blackjack - Rules and How to play

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  1. Game begins by making a bet. This is done by clicking on the chips
  2. Once bet has been made, click “deal”. The dealer will deal you 2 initial cards.
  3. If desired click “hit” to add cards to your hands in order to get closer to 21. When you are satisfied with your hand-value, click “stand”.
  4. If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you win. If you have exceeded 21, you “bust” (i.e. – lose).

Baccarat - The Rules and how to play

  • Ace is worth 1
  • Cards 1-9 are worth their face value.
  • King, Queen, Jack and 10 are worth zero

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The total value of a hand in Baccarat is calculated according to the sum of the card values minus the tens digit. For example, 6 + 9 = 15, and 15 – 10 = 5, so the sum total of this hand is 5. This means that there is no way that a player can bust. The worst possible hand in Baccarat is worth 0, and the best is 9.

Course of a Baccarat Game:

  • The player is always dealt his/her 2 cards before the dealer.
  • If the hand does not total more than 5, another card must be drawn.
  • If more than 5 is obtained, then the player stands and the baker continues game play. The banker, must draw when on 3 and must stop drawing on 7.


Each player must bet on the hand that they think will be the closest to 9. The options are as follows:
  • The Banker
  • The Player
  • A Tie between the Banker and Player
  • Any combination of the above 3 options.

Classic Slots

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Traditional form of online Slots that consist of 3 reels but may have numerous paylines. 1 payline is called a single-line and several paylines is called a Multi-line.

Progressive Games

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Progressive jackpots refer to those casino games which are linked together to create one huge jackpot,

Arcade Games

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Arcade games refer to any coin operated or video machine based game.

Asian Games

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Asian casino games can be either Asian games tuned into gambling versions, or casino games that are highly popular among Asian audiences.

Video Poker

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Video Poker is a combination of skillful and strategic poker with slots.